Reviews & Blurbs from chicken experts

There are lots of DIY chicken keeping books out there

(can we get a dis-interested third party to rank them?),

but the editor of Hobby Farms, Urban Farm and Chickens magazines says:


“Frank Hyman’s projects are practical, well-designed and easy to do. He’s a true Zen master of poultry.”



And 5-star reviews like these make up 72% of the book’s ratings on Amazon:



 “I’ve kept chickens for a decade and yet still learned much more from this affectionately written book. Highly recommend!”


“My daughter raises chickens, and I gave the book to her. She said it was the most informative of any of the publications she had read.”


“Finally, a down-to-earth chicken keeping and caring guide by someone who’s not a rich professional and cherishes their freedom and sleep. Most chicken guides I’ve read thus far require way too much money and time.”


“I thought we were pretty up to speed with the latest options for chunnels, etc. Boy was I wrong. This guide is fun, friendly, and REALLY knows what it’s talking about!”


“Even reading the book is hassle-free.”


“This is the jolliest poultry book I have read. Mr. Hyman writes with a great deal of affection for his wife and his chickens and tries to please both.”


Endorsements by Top chicken experts too!!


“This is the book I wish I'd read when I started keeping chickens. Frank Hyman is so funny and personable that he has managed to write an extremely handy and detailed chicken-keeping manual that is also quite entertaining to read. More importantly, he's lived the backyard chicken lifestyle and solved every imaginable problem using nothing more than a few ordinary tools and some ingenuity. Whether you're dreaming of keeping chickens or already manage a flock of your own, you will be inspired to take on one of these projects--and your chickens will thank you.”

Amy Stewart, NYT bestselling author of The Drunken Botanist and Wicked Plants


“Having worked with Frank for nearly a decade and read dozens of his articles and columns, I always walk away with some new bits of information that I can put to use right away. Hentopia is no different. Frank’s creative projects are practical, well designed and easy to do and will make your everyday chicken-keeping chores a breeze. He’s a true zen master of poultry!”

Roger Sipe, Editor, Hobby Farms and Chickens magazines and

Hentopia brings together practical DIY family flock keeping systems that decrease daily chores while at the same time keep costs down with innovative use of materials. It describes ways to allow chickens to have a high quality of life—including fresh grazing and foraging—while having protection from predators. From the chickens’ point of view this book is something to crow about!”

Patricia Foreman, Animal Scientist, Pharmacist, and author of City Chicks


“Practical, resourceful, and fun!”
Melissa Caughey, author of How to Speak Chicken and A Kids’ Guide to Keeping Chickens, and blogger at Tilly’s Nest

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